Callout Service

Serving the South East of England, Savage Metal Works offers an extensive onsite maintenance and callout service to clients ranging from large facility management companies to direct individual customers.  Savage Metal Works appreciate that your security is high priority and so with our own dedicated maintenance team our company objective is to endeavour to turn around any enquiry and/or issue as fast and effectively as possible.

As part of our callout service we offer:

  • Inspection and diagnosis of access control and automation issues
  • Onsite welding repairs
  • Remedial works to gates and fencing
  • Modifications to gates/fencing
  • Groundwork repairs
  • Surveying
  • Remedial works to play area equipment

Savage Metal Works are committed to carrying out work safely, ensuring that our own engineers and the general public are not put at risk.


Savage Metal Works recognises the importance of regular services to both new and existing entrance systems.  We offer basic and tailor made service contracts designed to meet your individual requirements to enable you to have peace of mind that your system is operating efficiently and safely as expected.

As part of our service we shall:

  • test safety circuits to ensure all safety equipment is functioning efficiently;
  • inspect and grease all hinge points and operating arms;
  • check oil levels and top up if required;
  • remove any debris from underground boxes and control cabinets;
  • review the operation of automatic and safety equipment and/or gate alignment;

Recent Work

April 2015

A large national facility management company asked Savage Gate Automation to carry out remedial works to a fence line and pedestrian gate following vehicle damage. After survey work was carried out, our engineers attended site, replaced several panels of the fencing, installed a new door closer and re welded the hinges of the gate to allow operation.  All works were completed in one day.

A housing association had reported that an on-board gate operator had been vandalised and needed to be replaced. We provided a quick and competitive quotation, which once agreed, enabled us to attend site and replace the existing equipment with new and re-commission the system.